1. All prices are FOB our plantations.

  2. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

  3. Orders are subject to acceptance by Q.S.P. upon receipt. Prices quoted are firm only on orders received and accepted. No acceptance without deposit.

  4. Balance due on pickup by buyer or deliver to buyer by carrier. Payment other than by cash, bank, or certified check only with credit approved before Nov. 15

  5. Minimum order to be shipped is 350 trees unless special delivery arrangements can be made by buyer or Q.S.P.

  6. Loading box trucks longer than 20' for each customer pick-ups will incur an additional fee of $1.00 per tree.

  7. All sales are made with the understanding that Q.S.P shall not be liable in the event of crop loss or product damage due to causes beyond our control.

  8. Q.S.P. liability ceases when product is delivered to the carrier. If count varies from invoice, breakage occurs, or trees suffer through delay in transit, Q.S.P. must be called and claims must be made to carrier immediately.

  9. Shipping schedule will be coordinated with customers' needs in the fall. We will attempt to honor requested shipping dates. However, harvest and shipment will be governed by climatic conditions to assure best quality possible. Q.S.P. will not be responsible for delays in delivery due to weather and other circumstances beyond our control.

  10. Q.S.P. reserves the right to change sizes and quantities ordered after consultation with buyer.

  11. All freight costs to be paid directly to the carrier and separate from payment made for trees.

  12. It is the customers' responsibility to have ample manpower on  hand at the time of delivery to ensure expeditious unloading of the trees. Failure to do so can incur additional charges from the delivering freight company, at their discretion, payable to them at the time of delivery. Also, multiple drops of a single customers' order may incur additional drop charges payable to the delivering, freight company at the time of delivery. 

  13. Pennsylvania sales tax information:
    Each Pennsylvania customer must supply sales tax exemption number below.

  14. Delinquent payments will be subject to interest charges of 18% APR.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax Information
Pennsylvania Sales Tax Blanket Exemption Certificate


I certify that, unless I advise you to the contrary in writing, all property purchased hereunder is exempt because:
"Property will be resold or rented in ordinary course of purchaser's business conducted under Pennsylvania Sales Tax License No.______________________"

"Property will be directly used by purchaser in his Farming Operations, which are performed as a business."

The provisions of this Certificate are a part of every transaction between parties herein. I am authorized to execute this Certificate and claim this exemption. Misuse of this Certificate by seller, lessor, buyer, lessee, or their representatives is punishable by fine and imprisonment.


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